Teds Woodworking Review

Have you been looking for ideas of woodworkig.

There are usually a lot of woodworking plans & projects online, but some of them are not very detailed or you can’t find a lot of plans for some reason.

Here, you will have the amazing opporunity to access more than 16,000+ woodworking plans for anything, you want.

If, you have always wanted to build something, beacuse of the simple reason, you cannot find it retail, if you have thought of doing somethig custom for a specific case.

If you have problems to find detailed plans to make your project, you have dreamed about. Here, you will find detailed ones.

A lot of people have problems finding detailed and decent plans.

So, now you are able to build your dreamed plan, instead of spending months or years looking for something or to spend a lot of money to hire a woodworker, when you are able to do it yourself.

And, you finally enjoy the act of creating something stunning with your own hands. There are a lot of garbage plans, because they are not detailed enough and lack a lot of steps, descriptions or measurements or other things.

The instructions might not contain enough information, if you are a beginner, some plans are made in a way, as if you are a complete expert with access to fancy tools and big workshop.

What Are Teds Woodworking Plans ?

Ted’s Woodworking Plans is a collection of plans, which has over 16,000 different woodworking plans.

You will get access to the biggest resource of woodworking projects for anything, you’d like to do.

It is made, so you can have a lot of ideas, options and the chance for you, to cmpelte your project quickly and perfectly, everytime.

With detailed training and more, you will feel that woodworking is a lot easier and you don’t need experience, because there you will have step by step plans, comperhensive instructions and more.

You will not struggle anymore to build your plan, because you will have the chance to build everything you want, because you will have access to 16,000 projects along with training, step by step etc.

No matter, what you want to build, if it is small or big, Teds Woodworking has everything.

A great thing about the projects inside is that some of list of plans will not cost you a lot of money to build, there are projects for less than $800 and you don’t need to buy all the materials at once, but gradually, if you are in shortage of money.

There are so much projects inside, that there is no chance not to have the ones, you are looking for along with a lot more.

When, you’ve build some projects from the plans, then you can sell them or keep for yourself. The plans can be accessed through the yellow order now button at the bottom, then you will have access to all of them in the membership site on digital format.

On the other hand, you can have shipped the DVDs at the same time to have both in physical and digital format everything just for a one time affordable price.

Also another thing, you might be worried is that, you may not have large space or fancy tools, but you don’t need them. Ted the creator have used in the beginning a 7×8 size workshop and a lot of his best pieces are made from that shop.

There are a lot of many small mobile workbenches you are able to build instantly. A lot of the plans don’t even require router or a professional machinery. You will have lifetime access to all of the woodworking plans.

You can simply get what you need for the projects you want to build at anytime. You will be showed ways to get lumber and materials for a lot less money, than what you’d pay retail.

Even, if you are a complete beginner at woodworking, you can get started, because there is a lot of material also training and literally anyone can start.

You can find a lot of easy to start plans, that you can begin with. And you don’t need a lot of tools and materials to build those beginner friendly starter projects.

The plans will guide you through everything, you need.

example of woodworking


small craft box woodworking plan


woodworking chair plan


workshop table woodworking plan


ted's woodworking review

The plans are very detailed as we said.

With all the instructions and material, you can make any woodworking project in a small fraction of time.

Very colorful schematics inside in every of the plans and no guesswork is left.

With sharp and colorful schematics included in every of the plan, there’s simply no guesswork involved. The level of details makes the most challenging project a walk in the park!

When instructions are THIS clear, your project BUILDS ITSELF. All the pieces just “Click” into place.

Most likely, this is the biggest database of Woodworking projects and you will be able to make 16,000 projects with details and step by step and you also are not required to have large workshop or fancy tools.

Every of the 16,000 projects are comperhensive enough, so you will not wonder what to do and any type of woodworker can get into this.

It has complete instructions from 0 to finish, and absolutely no guesswork.

In a nutshell, what you will get inside.

Inside Of Teds Woodworking

Except the 16,000 plans, they will add new plans every month from their workshop.

You will receive acess to the membership forever, where you can get your new plans everytime, everyday and everymonth.

You don’t have to pay recurring for anything, as you will take advantage of new plans released from the woodworkers who are professionals. Also, you are able to ask them for a plan to be made for you and, it will be drafted in the next cycle.

Inside, you will have

Teds Woodworking 16,000 Plans

Containing step by step plans, templates, materials for cutting, lists and more.

Every Month New Plans For You

Every month, new plans will be there for you to download and you can get them for free and they cover numerous range of projects.

Woodworking Tutorials Plus Lessons

Receive detailed woodworking training from master craftsman.

Video Classes, Which Are Premium, Around 150

Access to technique lessons plus step by step videos for building projects.

teds woodworking plans review

Except the over 16,000 plans, you will also get

1. Step-By-Step Instructions

Full projects with step by step, From 0 to all you need and instructions in order for you to build your projects fast, easy and have fun.

With easy “hold-you-by-the hand” guide, you can build woodworking projects in short amount of time.

You will feel like you have an experience woodworker next to you, helping you through the whole project.

detailed woodworking plans

2. Cutting & Materials List

You receive accurate cutting & materials list for each of the projects.

And, you will have the opportunity to buy the exact amounts, so you will stop spending all your money on the wrong materials and quantity.

Saving time and money at the end of the day is great. More time to build and less to struggle.

woodworking cutting list materials

3. Detailed Schematics

With stunning schematics in every plans, you will not wonder what to do.

When, you have comperhensive isntructions, your projects will be built a lot easier by you.

You will be able to make the projects in small amount of time.

woodworking projects

4. Views From All Angles

You will see how everything is rewuired to look before you start to build them.

A lot of other plans around the internet, don’t have this and in most cases, you can end up doing something, which doesn’t look like on the drawing.

So, you will have exact details of each of the angles, every courner. You will never be left with confusion and making you guess what and how to do it.

wood projects plans

5. Perfect For Beginners & Professionals

The plans cover all levels and no matter what is your competence or experience, you can benefit from them. You are not required to be advanced marketer, you can be a beginner, you also don’t need expensive machines to build the plans.

No matter, if you are 100% beginner an beginner woodworker with hand tools, you will have acess to so much projects, which are perfect for you.

What Type Of Woodworking Plans, You Can Find Inside The Projects Of Teds ?

You can find all lot

woodworking plans 1
a lot of woodworking plans

There are a lot more, this is just a small portion of them, there are as mentioned 16,000 plans.

The Creator Of Teds Woodworking

Ted Mcgrath is a certified master woodworker, teacher, and trainer as well as an author.

He has spent a lot of years in woodworking and he has a buge experience, which has helped him to make a huge colelction of quality woodworking plans.

In 2014, he & Jim Hanks, who is a woodworking teacher, and they together made one of the biggest woodworking collections in the world and created Ted’s Woodworking, the biggest library in the world of woodworking plans.

According to Mcgrath, this partnership with Jim contributed to 16,000 detailed plans and they are available for anyone for an affordable one time price.

The plans are easy and have step by step instructions and everything you need.

Ted McGrath creator of woodworking plans

Ted Mcgrath is a very experienced woodworker and lot more things, teacher, author and member of AWI.

He is a big believer in the basic principles of simple woodworking and utilizing comperhensive plans for getting the best results with minimal efforts.

He operates a woodworking technical class and often publishes books and articles on woodworking.

He has invested 25+ years to to put the most detailed collection of woodowrking plans in the world.

Along with done for you plans, which have step by step blueprints. You are able to build amazing and very professional woodworking projects in an easy and quick way without a lot money.

Who Are Teds Woodworking Projects For ?

All the plans are suitable for any type of woodworker or usual people who want to become better woodworkers and build some DIY stuff and take advantage of all the plans along with trainings and many more.

different woodworking projects

TedsWoodworking makes these 16,000 projects not only possible… but drop-dead simple!

wood block plans
woodworking chair furniture plans

As, we might have mentioned, there are so much plans on the internet and instructions, but when you review them in more details, you will find out that, they are not detailed enough and you simple give up.

A few images here and there and you are required to figure out everything else yourself, no 3D drawnings, lists, diagrams.

With Teds Woodworking, you will get in detals everything, instructions, resources, so you can build your projects a lot easier and get rid of all the confusion.

You can be a complete beginner and Teds Woodworking makes it a lot easier to make a furniture, workshop or no matter, what you need and your experience doesn’t matter at all.

You’ve got Ted’s back on everything, because all inside is detailed and fortune of resrouces to provide amazing results in your woodworking journey.

Your budget, also doesn’t matter a lot.

A lot of people think that, they will need a lot of money to start, but it is not true. Inside TedsWoodworking, you will receive proven to work tips for buying your tools and making them cheaper and as effective as possible.

Also, it is not important, if you are ready for full scale shop.

You can take advantage of all the plans and projects in Teds Woodworking and make most of them without needing huge budgets with some basic tools, also you don’t need big workshop and you will be able to become a lot more skilled at building your woodworking plans in the future, then you will be able to build them more at more easier and stable, gradually.

Advantages Of Teds Woodworking

16,000 DFY(Done For You) Plans

Take the over 16,000 DFY plans with detailed step by step blueprint and simple instructions to follow.

Accurate designs with A To Z instructions. Colorful and sharp blueprints.

A Lot of Projects to ‘Copy’

With detailed plans inside, you can make award winning projects without efforts in short amount of time.

A lot of big outhouses to complex craft & furniture around the house. Everything is covered and you are able to make any project, you can imagine.

Lifetime Monthly Plans + Support

Every month free plans for you. New plans will be there, everymonth and you can get them for free.

As, we might have said, you can even request a specific project and the team of craftsman will draft it up for you.

You can also get help from the support for your project in order to complete it from the master woodworkers through email or the support in the forum.

Everything You Need In a Complete Plan

All you need is included in every plan in detailed instructions, materials, cutting lists, 3D diagrams and a lot more. The plan has everything, that is needed to get everything right.

You will buy the exact amounts, which as you know will be beneficial for you, because you will avoid spending on the useless materials or the wrong quantity.

In a nutshell, all you need will be there and you will be able to build your projects easily.

Knowledge Guides & Training Courses

Get the guides on woodworking tips and valuable materials to gain more skills.

Acess for you to collection of tutorial videos going over, you’d never need to know about woodworking.

You will receive the proper tools, instructions and confidence in order to build any project fast and easily.

Immediate Online Access + DVDs

Receive instant access to the big collections of plans in the members area.

You will get access to them forever, to all the 16,000 plans, you can also take the DVDs to all of the plans in the members area, then they will ship the DVDs to you.

Who Can Benefit From The Teds Woodworking Plans

Everyone who is interested in woodworking can take advantage of this large collection/database of woodworking projects and plans that you can apply for any purpose of yours.

It can be for yourself, for your business, DIY stuff or ideas for your clients if you have a woodworking business.

Let’s cover something a lot of people wonder

Is Teds Woodworking A Scam ?

First a scam means, when you pay for something and you don’t receive it or you don’t get what they have promised you.

Inside Teds Woodworking, you get all what is promised and described, so it is not a scam, furthermore there is a secure payment.

There are a lot of positive reviews about Teds and the plans.

Bonus Package With Teds Woodworking

Bonus #1

DWG/CAD Plan Viewer

Bonus number one is award winning “DWG/CAD Plan Viewer” and you are not required to pay for expensive CAD software anymore.

Amazing CAD software as AutoCAd will have a price of $1985 on other sites.

If, you dream about some project, youc an design and build it. The software gives you the chance to edity, modify or to make your own woodworking plans.

Usual Price: $47 – Now, it’s Free

dwg cad plan view editor

Bonus #2

150 Premium Videos

You get access to lifetime membership access to 150+ premium videos of woodworking on different woodworking topics made by professional woodworkers.

Furthermore, they have step by step video instructions in order for you to browse in the big selection of videos, which have videos all made to improve your woodworking skills.

150 woodworking videos

Fresh videos will be added, gradually.

These videos cost $77, but, you will get them for free.

Regular Price: $77 – Yours FREE!

Bonus #3

How To Start A Woodworking Business

If you want to make profits from selling your woodworking, you are able to do it.

With this book, you will know the path to turn your passion to profits.

Inside, you will have detailed step by step detailed guide on the way to make money by selling your own custom woodwork and it is a good plus to the whole package.

how to start a woodworking business

You will know the way to start the fastest way possible and operate successfully. You will learn how to market your service and what to sell in order to make money locating suppliers and work with competitor licensing, accounting & tax. All, you need to know and get help and contact jobs to scale up your business.

Regular Price: $27 – You Get It For Free!

Bonus #4

Complete Woodworking Guides

There are around 200 pages of tips about woodworking and tricks with comperhensive material like photos, drawnings and diagrams.

200 of oslid step by step pages and valuable advice, which prepares you for your woodworking journey. All the guides have the bases from working with simple tools to cutting dovetails and a lot more.

woodworking guides

Regular Price: $39 – You Get It For Free.

Final Conclusion For Ted’s Woodworking

In this review, we went through all the details about Teds Woodworking.

Direct Access To Library Of 16,000 Projects along step-by-step details, plans, cutting & materials list etc.

Lifetime FREE Monthly Plans – there are no recurring fees or other charges.

A Treasure Trove of Tutorials and comperhensive woodworking training 

DWG & CAD Plan Viewer in order to by able to edit and modify your plans.

150 Premium Woodworking Videos including a log of topics by the master craftsman.

You Will Get A Book To Guide You, The Way TO Start Woodworking and learn the way to generate money by selling your custom woodwork.

Detailed Woodworking Guides – over 200 pages of tips and tricks including comperhensive drawings & diagrams

Thanks for reading this Teds Woodworking Review, so far.

buy Ted's Woodworking plans

Teds Woodworking Review


Perfect For All Type Of Woodworkers


Customer Support




Cutting & Materials List


Hundreds Of Categories



  • Access To Around 16,000+ Woodworking Plans
  • Affordable Price
  • Detailed Woodworking Tutorials
  • Lifetime FREE Monthly Plans
  • The Way To Start Your Woodworking Business, Ebook


  • No Cons

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