Are Ted’s Woodworking Plans A Scam ?

Although there free woodworking plans available online, you still can’t find the right ones in most cases, because they might not be detailed enough or other reasons.

Also, when you search for free plans online, there are not enough plans for some things to build in which you might be interested and in this situation, if you are looking for different woodworking projects and plans over the internet, you might have heard of Teds Woodworking Plans.

the truth about teds woodworking and is it a scam

I have noticed recently, that there are a lot of people online commenting rumors and quite a lot of comments about these woodworking plans from teds.

Most of them claim that, those plans are not worth it, because they are a scam ?

Actually, am someone who has actually bought these plans and I don’t agree with that due to a lot of reasons.

First of all, I think and most likely, the people who say this about don’t provide an honest customer opinion, because they haven’t even bought the plans and they are competitors of Teds, which is the most logical think.

If, you are confused about Ted’s Woodworking Plans, my personal as a person who has bought them is that, there is nothing wrong with them, no scam.

Because what most people understand under the world scam is not accurate. IT means, when you buy something and you don’t get what has been promised to you.

In the case of Teds Woodworking, you are promsied to get 16,000 plans for whatever you need to buy and respectively, you get them all in digital format or you can even get a physical copy.

So, I can’t understand what people call a scam in this situation, when everything is legit.


Is Teds Woodworking Legit

I can’t say for all people, but for me personally it is, because I am satisfied from all the plans inside and every project that comes to your mind can be found inside with ease.

Not only that, but they are also laid out with details, so you will get lost. In a lot of cases, you wouldn’t need huge budget, because some projects are really affordable.

Also the price is one time price and I think, you also receive some bonuses, additionally, you can take advantage of too.

So, I am 100 for buying Ted’s Woodworking Plans, because they have everything, you need in one place systematized. I’ve tried many plans online and other, which are expensive, but I haven’t found so far something like this.

There is no other such big library of plans, you can build anything you like.That’s why I think the people who think of them as a scam are haters or some competitors.

The other thing is if they were scam, would they offer money back guarantee, because you can get back your money anytime, if you are not satisfied from what is inside, although I doubt, this will happen, because if you are into woodworking, you have everything inside.

There are high quality projects from Ted who has been in the woodworking industry for many years and you will learn from an expert in this area.

I don’t know other plans that offer 16,000 plans in one place and I can add many more advantages of this, which absolutely eliminates the rumors that Ted’s Woodworking Plans are a scam.

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