How To Build A 10×14 Shed – Plan Provided

When, it comes to building shed projects, it seems to be a shortage of shed plans out there on the internet and you may have already noticed that, especially detailed one.

I know, because I have been in the exact same position, when I was about to craft my first diy shed plan 5 years ago.

These shed plans will show you how to build a 10×14 storage shed using T1‐11 for sheathing and asphalt shingles.Feel free to modify the plans if you would like to use large r shed windows,change the size of the shed,or use vinyl siding instead of T1‐11

How To Build a 10×14 Shed – Free Shed Plan Provided

The plans below will guide you on how to build a 10×14 shed. These free shed plans show you how to build a shed with T1-11 sheathing. You can also use vinyl or metal siding if you wish.

These are way better than most prefab sheds. Most shed builders are out to save cost and they cut corners by using 2×3 lumber instead of 2×4 lumber. They use 2×4 joists instead of 2×6 or 4×4 joists. They frame walls 24″ on center instead of 16″ on center and they often skimp on the shed doors.

These plans are rock solid and your shed will last a very long time.

Materials For The 10×14 Shed Plan

  • Pressure Treated Pine
    • (4)4x4x10’
    • (8)4x4x16’
    • (2)2x4x10’
  • Kiln Dried Lumber
    • (5)3/4 ” Tongue and Groove Plywood
    • (84)2x4x92‐5/8”
    • (6)2x4x10’
    • (2) 2x6x8’
    • (3) 2x4x16’
    • (12) T1‐11 4×8 sheets
    • (1) 2x6x16’
    • (8) 1/2” OSB plywood 4×8
    • (21)1x3x8”pine
  • Hardware
    • (5lb) 3”galv nails
    • (5lb) 2‐1/2”galv nails
    • (5lb) 3” common nails
    • (5lb) 2‐1/2” common nails
    • (5lb) 1‐1/4” roofing nails
    • (6)10’ drip edge for roofing
    • (7) Bundles shingles Shingles for ridge cap/starter strip
    • (2) 12”x12” shed vents
    • (2) 14”x21”shed windows
    • (1)Double shed door kit

How To Ensure Everything Is Safe, When Starting To Build My First 10×14 Shed Project

  • Be sure to read and understand the use of all power tools before use.Safety glasses must be worn at all times.Failure to do so may result in personal injury.
  • NEVER leave powertools unattended when children are around

The Main Part Of Building Your Shed Project

Let’s get to the culmination of having built our shed.

How Does A 10×14 Shed Project Building Process Start ?

Step1 : Base

Layout the 4×4 base according to the diagram below .Take your time and make sure that all the 4×4’ s are level and the frame is square.Since these are pressure treated ,you simply lay them on the ground.Be sure to check with your local township regarding anchoring the shed to the ground.

Step :2 Base Layout the joists according to the diagram below. The joists are 4×4’s ,16” on center from each other.They are all pressure treated 4×4’s except for the two ends which are pressure treated 2×4’s.Lay everything out and make sure it’s square before you nail everything together.Be sure to toenail each 4xx joist into the 4×4 stringers laying on the ground.Use galvanized nails

Step3: AttachSubfloor

Attach the 3/4” tongue and groove subfloor using 2‐1/2” galvanized nails.Be sure to stagger the seams for a sturdy floor

Step 4: Build Left Wall

Using the floor of your shed, build the left shed wall out of 2×4’s .The rough opening for the window is 14‐1/4” wid e by 21‐1/4”tall. The header of the window is a double 2×6

Step5: Build Front Wall

Using the floor of your shed, build the front shed wall out of 2×4’s.The rough opening for the window is14‐1/4” wide by 21‐1/4”tall. It’s important that you frame the door where it is to utilize the cut out T1‐11 for the shed doors.The window can be anywhere you want and you can frame a larger window if you want. The header for the door and window are double 2×6’s.With the wall framed out, attach the T1‐11 to the studs.The T1 should overhang the left and right side 3‐1/2” and hang over the bottom by4‐1/4”.Be sure to save the cutouts for the doors

Step 6 Build Right Wall Build the right wall according to the diagram below.The studs are laid out 16”oncenter

Step 7 : Build Back Wall

Build the back wall according to the diagram below.

The stud s are laid out 16” on center. In order for the T1‐11 to line up properly you MUST lay out the studs starting with the 11‐3/4” dimension.

With the wall framed on the floor,attach the T1‐11 .The T1 overlaps the left and right sides by 3‐1/2” and overhangs the bottom by 4‐1/4”.Use the piece of leftover T1 from the front. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE GROOVES/TONGUE THE RIGHT WAY BEFORE YOU NAIL

Step 8: Assemble Wall

Assemble the walls and nail together

Step 9 : Rafters

Begin by putting the 2×6 ridge board up on top of the 2×4 support posts.The easiest way is to have two people with ladders at each end.Pre drill a hole to toe‐screw a screw in each end just to support the 2×6 beam until the rafters are installed. Install the rafters next. They are 16”on center.Refer to the diagram below for the measurements.Toe‐nail the rafters where they meet the walls.


Install the last of the T1‐11 on the sides.Start on one side with a full sheet on the bottom and work your way across the bottom row.With the24” cut off from the one side,start on the other side

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE GROOVES/TONGUE THE RIGHT WAY on the cut off piece.Install the remaining top T1‐11 pieces

Step 10b: Collar ties

Install the three collar ties according to the diagram below

Step 11: Fascia and Gables

Install the 2×4 gable ends.They are 1/2” HIGHER than the roof rafters.This is to accommodate for the ½” roof sheathing.Install the Fascia next usings crap T1‐11

Step 12: Roof Sheathing

Install the ½ ” OSB roof sheathing using 2‐1/2 ” nails.

Step 13: Roofing

Install the roof felt,drip edge and shingles on the roof.

Step 14 : Install Windows and Doors

Install the shed windows with small screws or roofing nails.Trim the perimeter with 1×3 painted pine.Install the doors.For complete instructions on how to install shed doors visit Trim the corners of the shed with 1×3 painted pine

Step 15: Accessories

You can use the left over pieces of 2×4 and plywood to make shelves.The shelves are great for tools,paintcane, or anything you need stored off the ground

You can also install other popular shed accessories such as flower boxes,shutters and skylights.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A 10×14 Shed ?

Well, usually it depends on many factors also whether the shed type is like if whether, it’s wooden, plastic, metal, vinyl sided shed plan, because these are the main types.

Usuall, the cost for each varies a lot and it can be from as low as $800 to over $10,000, but the average is around $1000-$4000. Another factor is where, you will buy the materials from and whether, you are gonna hire a professional to build it or you are gonna Do It Yourself(DIY).

Are There More DIY Shed Plans

For more and various shed plans to build anything, you would like with over 12,000 plans, you can see Ryan’s Shed Plans .

The plans are detailed and the materials for them are not expensive as you are gonna find all, you need inside the package, as you receive instant access to them, there are a lean to shed plans, 10×12, 12×14, 12×16, 12×20 and all kind of sizes, that come your mind are available with instructions and everything needed.

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